Hussian School of Commercial Art, Philadelphia, PA  1969-1970

          Philadelphia College of Art (PCA) 1970-1973, BFA  1973

          Skowhegan Summer Fellowship, 1972

          Yale University School of Art, 1973-1975, MFA  1975


          Bocour Painting Prize, Skowhegan, 1972

          Composition and Performance Award, Yale School of Art, 1973

          “Suzannah and the Faculty”, bought by Yale Alumni Association, donated to the University

Solo Exhibitions:

          Storelli Gallery, Philadelphia, February 1972

          Thesis Show, Yale University School of Art, May 1973

          Floating Wall Gallery, Santa Ana, California, March 1977

          “Military Industrial Complex”, Newspace, Los Angeles, January 1979

          Newspace, Los Angeles, November 1980

          “Night Train”, Newspace, Los Angeles, April 1982

          “Soldier of Fortune”, 552 Gallery San Diego, 1983

          “Neo Cubist Paintings”, Anuska Gallery, San Diego 1987

          “Upholstered Vinyl Paintings”, Boehm Gallery, Palomar College, 1988

Group Exhibitions:

          “New Painters”, “Figurative”, Alumni”, & Commencement, Yale School of Art 1973-1975

          “Big Summer Show”, Newspace, Los Angeles, July 1977

          “San Diego Artists”, Newspace, Los Angeles, July 1978

          “Artists Work Here”, September 1979

          “Artists as Social Critics”, Barnsdall Muncipal Gallery, Los Angeles, July 1979 

          “Newspace in San Diego” San Diego State University, October 1979

          “Summer Show”, LAICA, Los Angeles, July 1982

          “Some Aspects of San Diego Painting”, Palomar College, October 1984

          “The Nuclear Threat”, San Diego Jewish Community Center, November 1984

          “Center and Central”, Installation Gallery, San Diego, November 1984

          “Palms”, San Diego Museum of Natural History, February

          “Lava”, L.A. Visual Arts, Stella Polaris, Los Angeles, January 1985

          “More is More”, Athenaeum, La Jolla, March 1985

          “16 X 26”, Quint Gallery, San Diego, May 1985

          “Streetwork”, Sushi Gallery, San Diego, January 1986

          “Allegory and Symbolism”, Mandeville Gallery, UCSD, San Diego, January 1986

          “Women Artists”, Lyceum, San Diego, August 1986

          “The Figure”, Grossmont College, San Diego, January 1987


          J. Patrick Lannan Foundation Museum, “Headlight Child”, 1980

          San Diego Museum of Art, “B-17, 1980-1983, on loan by Douglas Simay

          La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, “Fire Control Room”, 1983


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Grants and Awards:

          California Arts Council, Individual Artist Grant, 1981

          Center City Development, Hahn Corporation Mural Competition, 1983

          National Endowment for the Arts, Sushi Gallery, January 1986

          City of Escondido Public Art Competition, “Three Windmills”, 1989-1990